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Latisha D Smith

Latisha is a graduate of Saint Leo’s University B. A. Religion and Theology and she received her Master’s of Divinity from Memphis Theological Seminary, she has completed two residency in Clinical Pastoral Education and hold a certificate in Reiki. 

Latisha is a native of the Atlanta, Georgia.  She has served in the United States Navy as administrative support/customer service personnel, a former City Carrier providing 10yrs of customer service in the Metro Atlanta area.  Latisha resigned from the Postal Service to pursue her studies in Theology.  In her quest for knowing God Latisha gained knowledge of self!  With two residencies in Clinic Pastoral Education one at Baptist Health-Care Little Rock, Arkansas and the other at The Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center Memphis, Tennessee. During her clinlical training, Latisha discovered people are not looking for God but, rather they are in search of self and the awareness that we lack, "in knowing the, Who How and Why”.   In caring for others Latisha recognized that she was caring for self, that sickness is both physical and spiritual.  Wholeness is when the mind, body and soul are in synchronicity (being one).  When your thoughts become your actions and your actions become your habits and habits describes your essences.