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About Life Coaching

School of Thought

Latisha is an Existentialist and uses methods from Fredrick Nietzsche, Immanuel Kent, Carl Jung, Herman Hesse, and Terence Kemp McKenna.  As such, her focus is on the individual rather than the collective members of the family and social groups. 

Latisha believes that the individual’s needs are independent of the roles, labels, and stereotypes that have been learned from parents, teachers, peers, and social groups.  During her clinical studies, Latisha was taught to pull back the layers of labels and learned habits in order to reach the inner self and the hidden self- that subjective consciousness that has been dormant due to a system of programmed beliefs. 

During the coaching sessions, Latisha serves as a guiding light. There is nothing to fix! She chooses instead to speak to the soul that needs direction, help, and encouragement to become the best version of themselves. Latisha will help put your thoughts into actions. These actions will become habits that flow from within you. 

Life Coaching is all about you! Latisha provides links to your hidden-wholeness through listening, planning, and responding to the inner-self.  As a light-worker, Latisha will work with you to achieve inner-peace and to further your personal development. 

Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening

The material world is like gravity to the soul.  The spirit has become calcified with the tangible; cars, property, jewelry, money, etc.  We have essentially deceived ourselves and programed our consciousness into believing that material gain gratifies the soul.  This is the path of “I want”, neglecting the path of “I need”- the spiritual awakening of the soul.  

Spiritual awakening quiets the desires of the flesh, fulfills the needs of the heart, and allows you to realize your purpose in life.  It also opens the door to the inner-soul- the place called “There”.  You can achieve spiritual awakening by resolving the trauma, grief, hurt, shame, loss, and anger, making peace with your inner-thoughts.  Life Coaching is all about you and only you. 

Best Life
Best Life

The best life is achieved by maximizing your true self- not what the world sees, but what you feel and see in the mirror every day.  Living your life with no regrets, making the most of every moment, loving from the heart and not the hand(material speaking), this is your best life! 

Personal Growth
Personal Growth

Learning to make peace from within, regardless of another person’s perception of you, is vital.  Spiritual awakening is an intentional process.  It is the deprograming of negative thoughts and pre-programed beliefs. It is the freedom to be creatively you without fear or backlash.  Spiritual Awakening is the oneness with the Creator and the freedom to release the ego (defensive behaviors, anxieties, shame, and hurt).   The awakening is an awareness of self, the universe, and the Greater Life Force within (i.e. God in You).    You are no longer provoked or controlled by your ego, but you are grounded/centered- knowing your thoughts and words are in alignment with your actions.  This process varies from person to person, but should become part of your daily lifestyle.